Our goal is to be a partner by supporting everything you do as opposed to focusing on just investing what you currently have.  We are a multiplier of your time, energy and passions by supporting and executing on actions you take so you can put your time and energy to its highest and best use.

My clients are busy running organizations, managing teams, creating and implementing business plans, branding and re-branding, pivoting, managing PR campaigns, and tackling a variety of other challenges.  And while my clients have built businesses and created wealth, they are not passionate about wealth management in particular nor are they seeking to be experts.  This is why they hire me.  

 I help these clients by:


Providing clarity and focus to a vital area of their lives which typically lacks their full attention.

Coordinating Key Advisors

Coordinating the hiring of estate planning attorneys, accountants, corporate attorneys and other key advisors.

Balance Sheet Scrutiny

Gaining oversight over all assets, liabilities and cash flow to provide strategic guidance.


Assisting in sourcing and conducting diligence on private deals (Angel, VC, PE, Real Estate, Private Credit etc.)


Tailoring investment strategies to goals, risk tolerances and market environments.

Financial Project Management

Ensuring all trusted advisors are being appropriately leveraged to provide the greatest value to clients.

Who I Serve

My clients identities are kept strictly confidential. Put another way, I don't name names. Below is a list of the types of clients I typically work with. Since I'm based in Austin, Texas, most of my clients are here as well, although I do have clients in New York, New Jersey, and several other states.


Most of my clients had worked with another wealth management group in the past. Read WHY US to learn why they made the switch to Proper Wealth Management and haven’t looked back.

I Am A Fiduciary

Since I do not earn commissions from investment recommendations, I am a fiduciary and am required to act in the best interest of my clients. Click on the button below to learn more about what this means and why it's important.

Learn More About What It Means To Be A Fiduciary

Insights Blog

I provide curated and insightful content that helps my clients understand what's occurring in the markets, master their finances and grow their businesses.

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March 2022

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