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Of Course You Know How Much You’re Paying (Don’t You?) image

When I ask people how much they're paying for their current wealth management or investments, what I often hear is "I have no clue".  I find this very odd since most of my clients are entrepreneurs and C level executives who are able to calculate complex ROI's for content marketing, adwords and a variety of other things.  They hire vendors and employees on a constant basis and consistently look at cost-benefit analysis (even if it's back of the napkin).  Few of these clients would ever hire a vendor, service provider, employee, etc. without first knowing the cost.  Yet most people have no clue what they pay for investment advice or financial planning unless it's a flat fee. My industry has ...

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China’s Stock Market Surpasses $10 Trillion image

There was a great article in Bloomberg regarding China's stock market valuation.  China's stock market value reach $10 Trillion, an increase of almost $7 Trillion in 12 months.  The increase is bigger than Japan's entire stock market. Individuals are borrowing to invest as valuations are now the highest in 5 years and margin debt is at a record high.  This is combined with China's weakest expansion since 1990. This aligns with our views that markets across the globe are reaching bubble territory and investors need to be  careful. To read more, click ...

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Goldman Says Stop Buying Back Your Stock to Companies standard

There's a great article today in Bloomberg where they quote Goldman Sachs telling companies to stop buying back their own stock at these elevated prices.  They go on to say their cash is better used to purchase other companies.  Most companies in the S&P 500 are trading at greater than 18 forward earnings estimates.  There's also an argument that companies are better off having that cash on the sidelines to increase liquidity and use when earnings multiples are more attractive.  You can see from the chart below which I took from the article that buybacks are now reaching their 2007 highs and might surpass it this year/next year. As I heard the other day from a friend, trees don't grow ...

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