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Budgeting is the key to controlling your money, and yet, most people don’t do it. Budgeting allows you to manage your finances and set yourself up for a successful financial future. Review the steps and tips in creating a budget and start on the road to success. How to Create a Budget Budgeting strategies and techniques vary across the board. For example, a budget for a first-year college student and one for a retiree can be very different. But there are five basic steps in creating a budget. They are all important because they build on one another, helping you organize your finances in a sensible way. Step 1: Determine Your Financial Goals There are two types of financial goals: immediate and long range. ...

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 Market Scorecard Although stock and bond returns were fairly boring, a lot happened during the month of September.  Data continued to deteriorate, the Federal Reserve left rates unchanged (and lowered growth forecasts), OPEC agreed to a freeze in production (or did they), Japan is targeting a 0% 10 year bond yield and Deutsche Bank brought the Europe to a Lehman moment. Beginning with the Fed, they left rates unchanged while speaking hawkishly after their decision.  They are projecting to the market that they're going to raise rates in December since the economy "feels" like it's getting better.  Only the unemployment appears to be doing what they want, although Japan's unemployment is at 3% and they aren't close to growth or inflation. ...

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How to Hire the Best Sales and Customer Service Teams image

One of the benefits of working and meeting with countless founders, entrepreneurs and senior executives is hearing all sorts of stories.  I have found a common link among successful companies when they are intentional in succeeding in an area of their business.  Meaning, their success was not accidental and if it happened to be by chance, they quickly noticed it and created rules to succeed.  One of these areas is in hiring.  There are more divisions within a company besides sales and customer service, but  I believe these to be critical to most businesses.  Below are two stories I have heard that have stuck with me. Hiring World Class People A company I know wanted to bring in the best salespeople ...

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We think it's important to understand the basics of investment and terms you've probably heard, but might not know what they mean.  Below are a list of commonly used terms, phrases and jargon. What are stocks? Shares of stock are pieces of ownership of a corporation. The idea behind owning shares is to participate in the growth and profits of the company. A company first issues shares through an initial public offering — IPO. The IPO makes the founders of the business rich and generates capital – money – the company can use to grow its business. Investors make money as stock prices increase and the companies pay dividends. Stock Exchanges The New York Stock Exchange – NYSE – and the NASDAQ are ...

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Trademarking Your Business – It’s an Expensive Mistake When You Don’t image

I was having a conversation with a colleague recently and was discussing some of the challenges that were met along the way when she brought up the subject of intellectual property. If you are a business owner or an owner of something that is of high value to you, especially if you spent time, money or sweat equity in its development, take heed. My colleague shared what happened to her almost 5 years after she opened her business without intellectual property protection of her business. Here is a recap of that part of the conversation: “ Like most business owners, one does their due diligence by researching the availability of the intended company name, doing a domain name search and filling out ...

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