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  Let me start off by saying we don't provide legal or accounting advice on the internet or directly to clients.  That being said, we're in meetings frequently where we learn interesting facts and strategies that may help other clients and contacts we work with.  Please check with your attorney since they might recommend an LLC, S Corp, LLP or C Corp depending on your specific situation.  Also, there may be tax law changes coming in the near future.  For now though, these are the key points with S Corps. What is an S Corp? An S corporation is a special type of corporation created through an IRS tax election. An eligible domestic corporation can avoid double taxation by electing to be treated ...

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One of the most important things you can do for yourself as a founder is strive to be better.  Learning is a lifetime journey without an end and making this a priority could completely change your point of view.  One of the greatest free resources you have to accomplish this is right at your fingertips: Blogs.  These blogs are there to provide you information when you are stuck, spark creativity, and possibly take you in a whole new direction you may have never imagined you could go. Every founder/entrepreneur should read regularly to understand new trends or benchmark yourself against the market trends.  Researching these blogs will provide you with key insights from experienced business owners/investors who can help you ...

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 Market Scorecard   Monthly Commentary January was a generally strong month in stock and bond markets with the S&P, international and emerging market stocks rallying.  The Federal Reserve maintained it's current target while offering very little hints on it's future moves.  It's still unclear what is going to happen with Obamacare, corporate and personal tax rates, Dodd-Frank reform, amongst other promises made on the campaign trail.  The Mexican border wall seems to be a focus although families who own land along border might not be happy with imminent domain claims.  Obamacare rhetoric went from repeal and replace to let's fix what's currently wrong with it.  A recent article by Bloomberg suggests we are at least a year off before a replacement is ...

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