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What is a Fiduciary and Why It’s Important? image

              Above is the textbook definition of a fiduciary and it's obvious why an investor should work with a professional who's a fiduciary.  Would you want someone who's in a position of being a trustee or someone who simply arranges for the buying and selling of assets (a broker).  To be clear, I am a fiduciary since I don't earn commissions on investments that I recommend to clients.  What this means is I have a fundamental obligation to act in the best interests of your clients and to provide investment advice in your clients’ best interests.  I owe my clients a duty of undivided loyalty and utmost good faith and will not engage in any activity in conflict with the interest ...

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Investment Allocations for Todays Era image

  In today's world, there's been a big push towards passive investments and away from active management.  I've discussed in a previous post, Perhaps The Biggest Bubble Ever?, how much money has flowed into passive investments and the potential repercussions.  Whether you use a human advisor or a digital advisor, investment allocations appear to be converging and are incredibly similar.  They tend to use modern portfolio theory (MPT) which was developed in 1952 by Henry Markowitz.  In reality, there's not a lot modern about it.  I believe there's a better way to engineer investment allocations in today's environment, but lets first start by exploring the basics and assumptions of MPT. What is 'Modern Portfolio Theory - MPT'? Modern portfolio theory (MPT) is ...

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May 2017 Financial Markets Update image

 Market Scorecard Monthly Commentary First and foremost, my most heartfelt condolences to everyone that's been affected by the acts of terror in London.  My thoughts and prayers are with England and hope they'll be able to bring those responsible to swift justice. Switching the focus back to the markets, global stocks keep trekking higher while bonds yields in the U.S. moved lower during the month as the Fed held off raising rates.  The financial markets continued to absorb major news events with surprising ease last week. Be it the tragedies in the U.K., the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, or the weakness in Friday’s employment data, the stock and bond markets both continued to edge higher.  Investors seem to have become ...

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