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The Emotional Cost of Being a Startup Founder image

I think society and the press glamorize the life of a startup founder from the show Silicon Valley to entrepreneur magazine and the Inc 5000 list.  In reality, it can be a lonely and emotionally draining experience whether you're solo or have cofounders.  Some people don't view emotions as a cost since most think of costs in terms of customer acquisition, hiring talent, technology, etc.  The emotional cost is often not discussed enough. had a great post detailing this and have included it below.  Hopefully, this helps you if you're already on the journey or about to make the plun   The Emotional Cost of Being a Startup Founder Source:   If you’re interested in starting a dialogue and learning how we ...

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August 2017 Financial Markets Update image

 Market Scorecard Figures provided above are estimate and for illustration purposes only Monthly Commentary First off, my thoughts and prayers are with all of the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  The death toll from the hurricane is still rising and there are millions affected.  The costs associated with this disaster are still unknown with some projecting the total impact will be over $100 Billion.  With the flood waters still not yet receding, it will be hard to know how this will turn out.  Houston is one of the US's top cities by population and has a GDP of $500 Billion, around the size of the country of Argentina.  Besides this terrible tragedy, President Trump threatened N. Korea, which they then threatened Guam ...

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