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  A company's culture is so important and not be overstated.  Every single company that I know who's "successful" had a great company culture.  And it wasn't by accident.  The founders I know and work with were aware of their company's culture and did everything they could to shape it and guide it in the right direction.  It rarely happens without effort, energy and a plan (much like success).  Most people can think of jobs they've had where culture was poor if it existed at all.  A good culture is typically obvious the second you walk in the door and can be felt by the energy of employees and environment.  So where do you start if you've never designed culture ...

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September 2017 Financial Markets Update image

 Market Scorecard Figures provided above are estimate and for illustration purposes only Monthly Commentary Before we begin, let me start off by sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the attack in Las Vegas, the hurricane in Puerto Rico and earthquakes in Mexico.  This is the 3rd time out of the my last 4 monthly updates that I've sent my thoughts and prayers (Hurricane Harvey, London attack victims) to victims of attacks and weather related disasters.  Is this the new normal?  Between natural disasters, horrible attacks and the potential for war with North Korea, it certainly feels like volatile times.  It's odd that the measure of stock market volatility (the VIX index) doesn't seem to be budging at all and ...

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