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Monthly Commentary The New Year has been to off to a great start in the markets, even though we're only 1 week in.  December was a busy month and all eyes were on tax reform.  It was a big win for President Trump after not being able to conquer health care.  And as luck would have it, there was a nice provision added at the end that benefits real estate investors.  I've broken out a summary on tax reform which you can read here: Tax Law Changes (Summary).  Recent analysis from LPL shows the tax cuts will add approximately .25-.50% percent to annual GDP the next few years. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies seems to still be grabbing headlines.  Currently, a currency named ...

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Last month, President Trump signed into law a package of tax cuts (or changes to some).  While I'm not a CPA and each person should contact their own accountant, below are the highlights of the changes that have gone into effect for next year.  The bill is long and there will be new strategies coming out over the coming months as it is digested for how to best take advantage of the new rules.  As those strategies become publicized, I'll create an update post with that relevant information.   Individual Income Tax Rates The bill maintains seven individual income tax brackets, but changes the tax rates and thresholds. See the charts below. Previous law: These are the tax brackets that individual taxpayers will use ...

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