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Monthly Commentary March was another busy month in the markets and in politics as we saw continued volatility in the markets.  Most of the volatility seems to be explained by the threatening and enactment of tariffs against China and more recently Amazon.  Also, Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State was ousted from the White House in what appears to be a revolving door.  It also appears Larry Kudlow will replace Gary Kohn but I'm unsure what this will actually mean and what outcome this may bring.  The FTC announced an investigation into Facebook over how the personal data of 50 million users was obtained by a data analytics firm that helped elect President Donald Trump.  This prompted everyone to look into ...

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Every now and then Congress gets something right; or, at least, half-right. One can certainly argue that such is the case whenever they provide incentives to encourage taxpayers to invest in qualified small business stock companies. Which Businesses Qualify? Of course, with the IRS being the IRS, understanding which small businesses qualify for such incentives can be a bit confusing. For non-corporate holders of QSB stock, that is, venture capitalists, angel investors, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, to benefit from this change, you must first understand the definition of a “qualified small business stock”. In an effort to keep this as simple as possible, to qualify as QSB stock under IRS Section 1202 a business is defined as: • The stock ...

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