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A Complete Guide to Series A Funding image

After your business has shown some kind of a track record, Series A funding is useful in optimizing both your product and your user base. This may offer opportunities to scale your product across different markets, expanding your user base. In this round of funding, it’s critical to have a plan for developing a business model that will generate long-term profit. The investors involved in a Series A round of funding tend to come from more traditional venture capital firms. (Rather than the risk-takers who offer seed money, for example.) With all of that said, there are two important questions you must ask yourself as a founder seeking funding: When should I seek Series A funding? What is the process ...

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May 2018 Update image

Monthly Commentary May was an incredibly busy month and another signal that volatility (geopolitical and market driven) is here to stay.  Turkey, Argentina and Brazil appear to be heading for a currency crisis as their currencies tumbled this month relative to the dollar and other major currencies.  Italian bond yields surged as Italian PM Conte gives up bid for government.  This caused the 10 year Italian bond yield to spike from 1.90% to 3% in a matter of days, whipsawing bond investors.  The trade war against China was halted while Trump started another trade war with Europe.  On top of all this, the North Korean summit was (temporarily) canceled.  All of these factors caused the 10 year treasury bond to ...

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2017 Tax Cuts & Tax Strategies for Small Business image

It turns out that 2017 was a pretty good year for businesses in the US, at least in terms of tax cuts. In fact, regardless of your political leanings, it cannot be denied that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included reducing tax rates for businesses and individuals. (There were also additional tax benefits for individuals, as we shared in a previous post). Of course, as with all things government and IRS-related, it would be something of an understatement to claim that interpretation and implementation tend to be somewhat complex. In an effort to provide a bit of clarity and guidance, we share this piece, published by financial planner and strategist Michael Kitces, at his blogsite, Proactive Section 199A ...

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