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First off, let me add a disclaimer that I'm not an estate planning attorney or CPA and that everyone should seek counsel from one for your own unique circumstances.  The information herein is for information purposes only.  As the election and 2021 nears, we are all aware there may be a change in administration and with that, a potential change in estate tax law (amongst other things).  Now, BDIT's (pronounced bee-dit), AKA 678 trusts, are currently very popular due to their flexibility to freeze the value of an asset or one's estate.  In most trusts, the person setting them up (grantor) typically gifts something of value for the benefit (beneficiary) of a spouse, children, charities and other people.  There are countless ...

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Q3 Market Update

Clients & Friends, In Q3, the theme of relation was ever present as we saw risk assets increase almost entirely across the board. Most people in my shoes continue to scratch their heads are we are in one of the worst economic periods in US history yet stocks continue to go up and up.  And it's not just that stocks continue to rise, but they're continuing to rise to incredibly high valuations from already high valuations during a time of great uncertainty.  Furthermore, the indices are becoming more and more concentrated as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, Google and a few others weights increase within the index to record highs.  In the Nasdaq, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft now represent ...

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