June 2022

June has just ended and wanted address the most often questions I've received the past few weeks/months.  So far this year, the S&P and Nasdaq are down ~-20% and ...

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March 2022

Clients and Friends, It's been 4 months since my last update when I decided to break a pause on writing updates, mainly since I felt I wasn't saying anything new. ...

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October 2021

Dear Clients and Friends, October saw stock markets bounce back from their first meaningful loss in a year to post a strong gain of over 5% while intermediate and long ...

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September 2021

Dear Clients and Friends, September was the first month in a long time that markets experienced a reasonable pullback as the S&P retreated over 4.5%. It's been so long that ...

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August 2021

Clients & Friends, August was a quiet month in terms of market returns and economic data (more below). We also saw heart-wrenching videos of folks trying to flee Afghanistan ...

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July 2021

Clients & Friends, It's been a busy month with the delta variant running rampant in parts of the U.S. and world, and renewed concerns over reimplemented lockdowns taking the center ...

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