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How to Hire the Best Sales and Customer Service Teams image

One of the benefits of working and meeting with countless founders, entrepreneurs and senior executives is hearing all sorts of stories.  I have found a common link among successful companies when they are intentional in succeeding in an area of their business.  Meaning, their success was not accidental and if it happened to be by chance, they quickly noticed it and created rules to succeed.  One of these areas is in hiring.  There are more divisions within a company besides sales and customer service, but  I believe these to be critical to most businesses.  Below are two stories I have heard that have stuck with me. Hiring World Class People A company I know wanted to bring in the best salespeople ...

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Trademarking Your Business – It’s an Expensive Mistake When You Don’t image

I was having a conversation with a colleague recently and was discussing some of the challenges that were met along the way when she brought up the subject of intellectual property. If you are a business owner or an owner of something that is of high value to you, especially if you spent time, money or sweat equity in its development, take heed. My colleague shared what happened to her almost 5 years after she opened her business without intellectual property protection of her business. Here is a recap of that part of the conversation: “ Like most business owners, one does their due diligence by researching the availability of the intended company name, doing a domain name search and filling out ...

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