This is an insightful blog by Michael Pettis who is a professor at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University in Beijing.  His latest posting is  on the nature of Chinese debt and the problems the resolution of that debt are going to create.

Does It Matter If China Cleans Up Its Banks

Author: Jared Toren

Jared Toren is CEO and Founder at Proper Wealth Management. Proper was born out of frustration with the inherent conflicts of interest at big brokerage firms influencing advisors to sell products that were not suitable for clients but profitable to the firm along with a consistently mixed message of who’s interest was supposed to be put first; the clients’, the firms’, shareholders or advisors.

At Proper, our clients interests come first. We are compensated the same regardless of which investments we utilize so there’s no incentive for us to sell high commission products. Since we focus on a small number of clients, we are able to truly tailor our advice to each person’s unique circumstances.