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Monthly Commentary May was an incredibly busy month and another signal that volatility (geopolitical and market driven) is here to stay.  Turkey, Argentina and Brazil appear to be heading for a currency crisis as their currencies tumbled this month relative to the dollar and other major currencies.  Italian bond yields surged as Italian PM Conte gives up bid for government.  This caused the 10 year Italian bond yield to spike from 1.90% to 3% in a matter of days, whipsawing bond investors.  The trade war against China was halted while Trump started another trade war with Europe.  On top of all this, the North Korean summit was (temporarily) canceled.  All of these factors caused the 10 year treasury bond to ...

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Monthly Commentary April was a busy month and the spotlight was firmly on the Fed, earnings growth and North Korea.  Starting with the Fed, they decided to leave rates unchanged and while continuing to signal more increases are coming, and soon.  They see inflation increasing in the near term which is inevitable with oil prices having risen so much.  The way inflation is measured if oil was at $55 and now at $70, that's a 27% year over year increase.  A research report I recently received believes headline inflation will be around 3% by the summer, but core CPI won't nearly be that high.  The yield curve has continued to flatten this year and we're starting to see almost daily ...

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 Market Scorecard   Monthly Commentary January was a generally strong month in stock and bond markets with the S&P, international and emerging market stocks rallying.  The Federal Reserve maintained it's current target while offering very little hints on it's future moves.  It's still unclear what is going to happen with Obamacare, corporate and personal tax rates, Dodd-Frank reform, amongst other promises made on the campaign trail.  The Mexican border wall seems to be a focus although families who own land along border might not be happy with imminent domain claims.  Obamacare rhetoric went from repeal and replace to let's fix what's currently wrong with it.  A recent article by Bloomberg suggests we are at least a year off before a replacement is ...

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