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 Market Scorecard    Monthly Commentary The month of October turned out to be a busy month and not particularly good for stocks, bonds and commodities.  I think we'll all be glad when the election is over on November 8th.  I have been asked a lot about how the results could impact the markets.  Anytime there's a strong consensus, the risk is that it's incorrect.  Since Clinton is projected to win, the risk to the markets is that she doesn't which creates more uncertainty since a lot of people view Trump as a wildcard.  Although, since Wikileaks has been leaking emails and a new FBI investigation into Clinton's email related to Anthony Weiner, the likelihood of a Trump win has grown.  At the ...

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 Market Scorecard Although stock and bond returns were fairly boring, a lot happened during the month of September.  Data continued to deteriorate, the Federal Reserve left rates unchanged (and lowered growth forecasts), OPEC agreed to a freeze in production (or did they), Japan is targeting a 0% 10 year bond yield and Deutsche Bank brought the Europe to a Lehman moment. Beginning with the Fed, they left rates unchanged while speaking hawkishly after their decision.  They are projecting to the market that they're going to raise rates in December since the economy "feels" like it's getting better.  Only the unemployment appears to be doing what they want, although Japan's unemployment is at 3% and they aren't close to growth or inflation. ...

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