Lois Lane and Clark Kent Customized Workflow

Below are the steps that we'll take in order to move forward. These are not static and we'll adjust (as we do with most clients) as we start to move through the process. We like to chunk this workflow down into 3 larger steps which are provided below.

Step 1
  1.  Client Profile Form Completed by Lois and Clark
  2.  Sign investment advisory agreement (information to be provided via Docusign when ready)
  3.  Schwab account paperwork signed and account(s) opened
Step 2
  1.   Transfer existing accounts and/or fund newly opened Schwab account(s)
  2.   Agree & implement investment strategy
  3.   Introduce to estate planning attorney and/or be involved in the conversation with existing attorney
Step 3

Start Financial Roadmap

  1.  Gain a deep understanding of your goals regarding retirement, legacy planning and philanthropy
  2.  Collect and review information from Lois and Clark such as: balance sheet, assets, liabilities, trusts, estate plans, insurance, college savings, etc.

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